Your Cat's First Month at Home

After a couple of days in your home, your cat can doubtless begin subsiding into new surroundings. It is time to start out puzzling over long care and ensuring you are ready for an extended, happy life along. Here area unit some basics to urge you started within the 1st month.

The right bedding for nap: Cats will sleep up to eighteen hours daily, therefore making the proper conditions for your new pet is very important.

-Make positive bedding is soft and drip-dry, and place it within a basket, small box, cozy corner or a very ideal sunny spot of the house.

-Beware of lease your snooze with you. Keep in mind that cats tend to be nocturnal, which can disrupt your sleep. If late night antics wake you up, gently place your cat on the ground. Do not reward a stoppage attentively or you are tantalizing the cat to wake you up over and over.

-Typical Toys: Sensible toys for cats’ area unit straightforward to search out and wide on the market at pet specialty stores. Raise your doc for specific recommendations to assist verify the simplest toys for your specific cat.

-Safe on the go. Cat carrier’s area unit the safest, most comfy thanks to travel. Before hit the road, take time to acquaint your cat with the carrier by storing toys in it or creating it a comfortable place for a nap within your home.

-Proper identification. Forever have associate degree ID tag and correct registration data connected to your cat's collar (rabies, license, etc.). A collar ought to match with therefore me slack however not so loose that it slips over your cat's head. Permit 2 finger-widths of house between the neck and collar.

-Laws of the litter box. For single cat homes, you wish a minimum of 2 litter boxes for straightforward accessibility - one for every floor of your home. A home with multiple cats needs a new litter box than the whole variety of cats. The litter box ought to be a minimum of 1½ times the length of the cat and once placed should not be touched to totally different locations. Please note that not all cats like litter box covers or liners.