Animals do not have to suffer during the fireworks, if you're careless with your sensitive nature. In many places are often held large fireworks to celebrate Christmas, New Year or other holidays, which cause many behavioral problems in animals, because their ear is very sensitive and the noise hurts them.
Dogs are the most affected, because their hearing is four times more sensitive than ours. While we cannot prevent the animals feel fear, if they are with your family or in a protected area will feel safer. To prevent stress, leaks and accidents, follow these tips that will make your animal is not jeopardized while you have fun:
• Turn off all possible exits to prevent your pet to escape if he panics.
• Make sure no glass doors or other hazards (heavy or sharp objects that could bruise your step) before a panic attack.
• Place your phone number or address on your collar. It takes more than a cardboard or cloth and duct tape if you have no medal in his collar.
• If you tie because there is no alternative, check turn the collar on his neck and will not kink or tangle if you’re pet moves abruptly in a panic attack or madness. Also make sure there is nothing that allows you to jump around as it can be hung on the other side and there is no way out of this situation.
• It is recommended that your pet is indoors. To RIEF preparing for the fireworks, lights a radio at high volume from a few hours before they begin. So get used to a high level of noise and the sound will be less stressful generated by them.
• Ideally, have a not very small room, where your pet feels comfortable and can rest there for the noise. They should leave the radio or TV on, give it a chew toy or something, a fountain with fresh water and abundant food dish.
• If you decide to use a sedative, and check with your vet in advance, do not do on their own or friends for suggestions. What works in some animals may not work in others, could cause more harm than good.
• If you see a dog or cat running scared and out of control down the street, try to reassure and possibly Engage your home, porch or garden until the next day. If you have a collar but no contact has not, post your photo and information, or make a poster to distribute in the city and regain his family.