Discipline Your Cat

Pets are indeed delightful companions, no doubt about it. The acceptance and loyalty that our pets constantly give us are incomparable. Most cat owners sacrifice a little inconvenience caused by their pets just to have them in their homes – pet hair on any areas of your home and in your furniture, messes, litter boxes, and many more.

But there are some tips you can follow on how to live in style despite the mess your indoor cats may create. Here are some of them:

• Designate a separate space for your cat in your apartment or home. It is important that your pet has its own space. Make sure that the space can accommodate its bed, food, litter box, and water. The litter box should not be placed too close to its food dish and water. Your furry friend may not enjoy this setup. You can also put some scratching posts or cat toys in this area.

• Since your pet has its own area, it is free to do what it wants and you can establish some rules as well. Because this is new, the process may be hard for your cat especially if it does not follow any rules before. The secret is consistency. If you want to keep your cat off some areas in your home like tables, specific furniture, counters, you have to emphasize this rule when your pet decides to go to those off-limits areas. Once you see your cat in one of these areas, you should be consistent and place your pet back on the floor.

• It is necessary to keep the litter box hidden. You and your pet will both benefit from it. Cats like to use litter box in private; and if you have visitors often, this attitude promotes your cat’s healthy behavior. You can place the box under the shelf, cabinet, or table and use drapes or table cloths to hide the litter area. Maintaining an orderly or neat area is helpful especially if you will entertain unexpected visitors.