Dakota takes Best in Show

Seventeen-year-old Dakota Tabler of Cochran and his chicken Goldilocks were among more than 30 entrants in the 56th annual Pet Show on Sunday afternoon at the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon.

“It’s hard to pick between all of them because they’re all so sweet,” Tabler said as he held his chicken for some younger, curious children to pet. “But she’s cool. She’s just like a dog to me.”

His father, Tony Tabler, said the family also brought along to the show a rabbit and two miniature horses from their farm where they raise animals for pet therapy.

“We try to bring something different to raise the awareness that there are other types of pets,” Tabler said.

A chick can be purchased for a $1, likes to be held when handled properly, lives about 5 to 7 years and eats fire ants, other bugs and even table scraps, he said.

Tony Tabler also shared that one of the miniature horses, named Hannah Montana, would not be singing in the pet show this year, he said, because “she’s a little horse.”

Romelle Jones, chairman of the fundraising event, said the pet show was first held the year before the museum was even started, by a group of women who wanted to let their children get together and show off their pets. The museum is 55 years old.