Arabian Mau Breed of Cat

This is one of the natural cats that you can find. It has its origin in the Arabian Peninsula. From its natural habitat in the desert, the cat came to be domesticated as it used o frequent parts of the desert with human settlement where it could easily find food and protection. It is from here that the cat has found its way to different parts of the world.

The Arabian Mau is a medium-sized cat that has short hair. Due to its origin in the desert, this breed of cat is very hardy. It has a large body that is very firm with well developed body muscles. It has tall legs with the paws being oval in shape. Although the head is generally round, it is somehow longer. The eyes are oval, large and appear slanted. The ears are generally large and are located on the sides of the skull. Unlike most breed of cats, the Arabian Mau cat has a tail of medium length. The tail that is thick at the base however tapers toward the tip.

Due to its origin in the desert, this breed of cat has no undercoat and although the same is not silky in appearance, it is very glossy. The coat itself is very short and firm to touch. This does not in any way mean that you cannot have it at home as a pet; it is not only easy to maintain but easily gets accustomed to both tropical and temperate climates.

The Arabian Mau breed of cat is a high energy cat. This makes it one of the most active cats you can find. It likes to play with children and gets along very well with other house pets such as dogs. The fact that the cat has short hair means that the task of grooming is fairly easy. Furthermore, the cat does not naturally shed a lot of hair. Overall, the Arabian Mau is a healthy cat that requires very minimal veterinary care.